Devine powers take an active interest in the affairs of Nordock.

Supernatural beings seek to break through into the prime material Plane, empowering their champions to great deeds and reigning destruction on their enemies. By choosing to have your character worship a major deity you can receive access to resources, advisors or even absolution from death. The more followers a deity has the more power they can wield over Nordock. Choose wisely, stay loyal, and perhaps the favor of your celestial patron will fall upon you.

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Hextor teaches that the world is a dark and bloody place where the strong rule the weak because they are the only ones fit to rule. Power is it's own reward and you must endure hardship to prevail. Kindness and mercy can only get in the way of victory, which is the most important thing, though achieving it can have harsh consequences It is the duty of the faith to forge order out of chaos and law out of anarchy. Dissension will lead to destruction, thus you must obey tyranny in order to survive. The end does justify the means.


To be a Llothite is to pattern your life on a regimen of chaotic acts and the veneration of spiders. The way that new-born spider broods tear each other apart to survive is to be studied and understood. Only by eliminating your obstacles can you prove yourself as the strongest of the 'brood'. Their love of chaos often makes them appear mad but the others see Llothites as calculating individuals who are always several steps ahead of those who believe that they can anticipate them. Lloth can be cruel and domineering, forcing her will upon her followers and her enemies, a will which instructs the strong to crush the weak in the most torturous way imaginable.

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Obad-Hai teaches us that balance is the imperative in maintaining harmony. This neutrality is seen foremost in nature. Birth, death, fire, and growth are seen as necessary elements of life. Upsetting this balance with acts in the name of good, evil or other dramatic cause can only tip the scales and bring calamity thus defeating their original purpose. Obad-Hai's followers are made up of a large portion of Elves, Druids, and many creatures of the beast realm. Little is known about the origins of Obad-Hai though rumors teach that he was an Elder Treant in mortal form before attaining godhood and his status as keeper of nature's balance.

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A follower of Pholtus refuses to believe any other god exists. Pholtus teaches that those who hold any chaotic or evil notion are never to be shown the slightest tolerance and all should aggressively spread the perfect order of Pholtun law across the planes. As one revered text puts it. "The one true way is a strict path. But it guarantees rightness. Show no tolerance for those who do not give all for the cause. Fanaticism in the name of Pholtus is praiseworthy and his champions shall be rewarded in the era when all enemies have been vanquished.


Procan's domain is the foamy broiling seas full of spiney scaled monsters. He is said to be wild and tempestuous. He can be benevolent or malevolent at turns, but generally cares little for human dealings unless carefully propitiated. He is said to be greedy and possessive of the wealth that comes to his domain, whether from deliberate offerings or sunken ships. Priests of Procan stress the protean and changeable nature of the seas and skies. Nature is a harsh, treacherous mistress that Procan's followers can hope to avail against.

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Church of Galdor

Galdor in mortal form was a mighty protector of justice and wisdom within the realm of Nordock. Upon reaching the status of deity it did not take long for worshipers to gather around him and form a church. His teachings state that you should be at peace with your surroundings whenever possible and consider well all that is said, no matter how ridiculous it may seem on the surface. However, when in the presence of injustice or fools Galdor’s worshipers will take a stand. His paladain's often wear gold armor into battle and a holy compass that points to Galdor’s temple in Benzor.

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Zilchus teaches that the desire for power, prestige, influence, and money can be overwhelming in the world of mortals, but this desire must be tamed in one's own life. The profit motive is viewed as something that improves the quality of all endeavors. Worshipers of Zilchus should strive to recognize the opportunities to increase their power, prestige, money, and influence and seize hold of them in order to remove obstacles. Zilchus teaches that politics and war are only aspects of trade, using words or lives as currency rather than precious metal, and should therefore be approached in the same way. One's own currency, whatever its form, should be spent more wisely than ones' rivals spend theirs. Temporal power is regarded among the faith of Zilchus as a sign of one's personal worth.