How to Play

Setup Nordock Awakening on all of your devices. Leave the rest to us.

To get the most out of the Nordock Awakening community, make sure to set it up on your PC and Mobile Devices.

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Download and install Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition.
To enable Nordock Awakening on your Windows PC, first purchase the game if you do not own it, then install Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition on your pc (Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later required).
Purchase it here
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Download and install custom files.
From your internet browser go to or click the image to the right. Download all of the files you find there. After download, you must manually extract the files to the correct Neverwinter Nights sub folders. I have provided tutorial movies for assistance.
Along with the Nordock Awakening files you will also need to follow the links to three external sites for content as per the authors request.
This includes
  • CEP
  • Project Q
  • Rocky Mountains
Files with the .hak extension must be placed in
C:\Neverwinter Nights\NWN\hak folder path.

The file with the .tlk extension must be placed in
C:\Neverwinter Nights\NWN\tlk folder.

Note: If you installed the game from the file path will be c:\Program Files\\Neverwinter Nights\NWN|… Additionally if you have chosen a custom installation location for the game files substitute that location accordingly.
Download Custom Files
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Optionally download and install Neverwinter Nights Client Extender.
NWNCX is a set of files that modify your player side software. Created by Virusman, a programmer heavily involved in custom content for this game.

I have provided a video to assist with installation.

NWNCX provides you the following features.
  • Eliminates the long wait for the non functional Master Server when starting the game.
  • Unlocks the game's camera angle limitations, providing you a more immersive experience.
  • Enables new weapon visual effects never before possible
  • A host of other benefits, some still being created.
Download Neverwinter Nights Client Extender
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