Players Manual


The module supports active detect trap searches of doors and placeables. It would be unwieldy and ultimately annoying to players if they were forced to do full active searches for traps down every section of corridor. Instead, we allow for normal detection methods traps with a 'bonus' for detection if a player actively searches a section of floor or corridor for traps and full active search trap detection on chests, doors, etc... In addition to the standard array of traps, What good pen and paper adventure doesn't have pit traps, I ask you?!? We have added a number of diabolical and fun custom traps for you to make your way through.

Pit Traps
If you are unfortunate enough to trigger the trap and fail your reflex saving throw. A fellow party members will also be able to lower a rope for them or climb down the rope, themselves, to the bottom of the pit. Alternately if you have a Grappling Hook and Rope you can use that to escape.
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