Players Manual

Hunger and Thirst

When traveling outside of areas such as towns where food and fresh water are in abundance, you will have to regularly consume sustenance. You can do this by activating either a canteen or food items unique power and targeting yourself. Alternately you can drink from wells or fresh water streams simply by using them.

On a regular basis you will see two bars in your feedback window. these red and green colored bar shows exactly what a PC’s “level” of thirst and hunger is. All red is bad, all green is good.

This value is the number of game hours plus the PC’s constitution score that the PC can go without risking ill-effects from dehydration and starvation. Once they pass this point a fortitude check is made every hour at increasing difficulty. If the PC fails this check they become fatigued and take dehydration subdual damage” (this is not actual HP damage)
What happens when either the dehydration or starvation subdual damage exceeds the PC’s maximum hit points? Your PCs will suffer worse effect or even die from this.
  • Fatigue effects of starvation and dehydration are not removed from either resting or spells. Only eating or drinking removes them.
  • Beware, that some items can carry poison, disease, sleep and other properties.
  • Lack of food or water will not prevent a PC from being able to rest

Inebriation is tracked much like hunger and thirst but it does not have an info bar. However, as a player drinks more and more, certain effects will worsen and after a certain threshold; you will start performing random acts of drunkenness.
The effect of drunkenness will wear off over time on a character, the longer you have drank, the longer it will take. As the player drinks, unseen fortitude checks of increasing difficulty are made, and failing them cause negative effects to be applied to the PC of varying intensity, which increase the more drunk they become. Eventually the player will temporarily pass out, and they cannot get further drunk than that. characters cannot die from over-drinking. Only the passage of time or resting will remove the effects of alcohol. Removing alcohol effects by resting only require completing the rest, it does not require for the rest to have provided spell or hit point recovery.
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