Players Manual

Secret Hidden Objects

One of the design goals of this module was to allow faithful pen and paper module adaptations. That means 'active' searching. This is why your players are given a Player Action Widget. Players can actively search an area, attempt to detect traps, and many other things with the PAW

A note on Elves and Dwarves
The Players Handbook states that Elves get to roll a search check just as if they were actively searching, just by coming within 5ft of a hidden object. Likewise, Dwarves get to roll a search check just for coming within 20ft of a hidden object that is built into stonework. The game will do a hidden object search for that character in the background and reveal the object to them if they make the DC roll.

Hidden Tracks
Hidden tracks have only a DC for detection purposes and they don't reset. However, they have three additional 'message' check that determine what a player examining the track detects. The messages are set to allow three 'levels' of information:
  • a general low level message that anyone examining the tracks can gather
  • a message level that only rangers can gather from the tracks, and
  • a message level that only rangers 7th level and above can gather.
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