Players Manual


Players can hire assistants called henchmen. This is a great idea at lower levels. You have many options to work with the tactics equipment, and other features of henchmen. Do this by starting a conversation with them. Henchmen come in a few varieties.
  • Some henchmen can be hired from the Adventurer’s Guild or other faction strongholds. These are open to all lower level characters if you have the gold which raises by level of the player. These henchmen gain persistent XP by fighting along side of you so the more often you use them the more valuable they will be. If they die these henchmen bleed out similar to how players do. If they perish you cannot hire another henchmen until you die or the server is reset.
  • Other Henchmen will join your group as part of a quest either as a reward or as part of the plot. If they die these henchmen spawn back at their point of origin.
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