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Poisons can be created using the Alchemy craft or found as part of treasure. It is even rumored there are some merchants who operate a black market selling poisons though most cultures have outlawed this trade.

According to the Dungeon Master's Guide, poisons are divided into four types: Contact, Ingested, Inhaled, Injury. This distinction has been implemented using a new system in Awakening.
Injury Poison
can be used to coat a weapon so that creatures hit with it are poisoned. Only weapons that deal slashing and piercing damage can be poisoned. Players who attempt to poison a weapon have a chance of poisoning themselves (poison fumble). Assassins are exempt from this rule and do not have to roll a poison fumble skill check when applying poisons. If you successfully apply poison you will be notified and told how many doses you have applied. Different poisons last longer than others. Each time you hit an opponent one dose is deducted from the weapon.
Inhaled Poison
The container can be thrown so that the gaseous poison bursts out into 5' radius, affecting everyone in the area. With this type of poison you can target the ground nearby.
Contact Poison can be used to

    • poison a weapon so that creatures hit with it are poisoned just as with injury poison (see injury poison).
    • Coat an item with poison so that creatures picking it up or equipping it are poisoned. Players that pick up the item must make a spot check and if equipped they must make a remove traps check. If they fail they are poisoned but if they pass the item then is given a cast spell ability to Clean the Poison Off. However if you are the one that poisoned the item no such check is required.
    • Thrown at someone to poison them. In this case you must target the creature and not the ground. This requires a successful ranged touch attack.
Ingested Poison
can be used to poison a food and drink items along with drinking sources like wells and streams.

Poisons can be used through activation the the poison vial’s set of Cast Spell abilities implementing the uses in the list below. A poison vial item may be of only a single poison type and only useable once.
  • Contact -
    Cast Spell: Poison Item
    Cast Spell: Poison Weapon
    Cast Spell: Throw Poison Vial
  • Ingested - Cast Spell: Poison Food
  • Inhaled - Cast Spell: Throw Poison Vial
  • Injury - Poison Weapon

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