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Player Action Widget


Player Action Widget (PAW)
This module makes use of an innovative item called the Player Action Widget, from here out we'll refer to as the PAW. An intelligent widget, the PAW offers players numerous play options that were 'standards' in Pen and Paper D&D but sadly lacking in NWN.

Each player receives this item when entering. The PAW allows characters to actively search for traps, secret objects, and hidden compartments. They can also use it to leap gaps, listen at doors, use items in the inventories to spike doors open and shut, lower ropes into pits, etc... The best thing about the widget, though, is that it does not display useless options. It only offers choices that make sense for the target selected.
The full list of options available to players through the PAW is as follows:

  • Listen at the door
  • Detect Traps
  • Spike this door shut
  • Spike this door open
  • Remove the spikes from this door
  • Search this object for hidden compartments
  • Search this area (25 foot radius)
  • Create a campsite here
  • Jump
  • Drive a spike into the ground, secure a rope to it, and lower it into the pit.
  • Retrieve rope
  • Climb down the rope
  • Listen
  • Rest

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