Players Manual



There are two different ways that players can rest. First, by pressing the "R" key on their keyboard. Second, by selecting the option from the Player Action Widget. The PAW allows players to initiate resting, even if monsters are nearby, but give's no option to set AFK status. If players initiate resting by using the "R" key, they are presented with two options.

  • Rest
  • Set Status: Away From Keyboard

By default - players can rest once every 4 game hours (8 minutes real time) and players can go AFK and Back, whenever they want. The AFK status is a visual indicator for your party but does not protect you from attack. If you move away from your location you will automatically drop out of AFK status.

Players can make use of the items listed below to create a more restful environment for their characters.

  • Oilcloth or Burlap Tent
  • Burlap Adventurers Tent
  • Tinderbox
  • Bedroll
  • Planks

The better the environment, the more hit points their character can recover from resting. Players can use different items individually to create a campsite, or they can use the PAW to scan their pack inventories and create the best camp possible with the items they are carrying Resting indoors in a bed will provide a full recovery.
Note: that when resting your character will not do so inside a tent. there just needs to be one nearby.

When you rest every race except for Elves drop to the ground and are blinded for the duration of their slumber. Elves do not sleep as other races do but go into a meditative state. Therefor they will kneel in prayer and not be blinded.

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