Players Manual


Many of the special functions that players can activate via the PAW involve doors (listening, detect traps, spike open/shut).

Trapped Doors
Players will still be able to use their PAW to actively detect the trap concealed on the object or door. Rogues can also gain experience points for disarming or unlocking a container or door.

Spiking Doors Open or Closed
Players can use their PAW to target a door and if they have spikes and a Spike Hammer they have the choice to spike a door open or closed. This could help them to find a more secure room to rest in or can keep powerful creatures from getting out of a room. When you spike a door the needed items will be automatically looked for in your pack and used. You will see a spike object at the middle base of the door to let you know the job is done.

Listening at Doors
Players are able to use their PAW to target a door and try to listen to what is on the other side. This information could help the party decide wether to enter or try and find another route through a dungeon. Two factors determine the feedback a player gets when he or she listens at a door:
  • their skill check roll
  • the type of creature on the other side of the door. Heard text will be returned to the player on a successful listen check at the door.
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