Breathing new life

Nordock Awakening is a persistent world for Neverwinter Nights . This rich fantasy environment hosts a passionate community of role-players who seek a fun and free experience.
They offer a fresh new approach to the Neverwinter Nights game. With rich custom content and constant improvements they make it difficult to leave.
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Recent Updates

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    Horses are now bought and stabled in Port of Prize - Flats.
  • Personalize your character by unlocking Alternate Combat Animations.
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  • We have added a host of languages for your character to learn and use. Learn More
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    City watch seeks help from Adventurers guild to locate missing citizens last seen near the Port of Prize Crypts.
  • Zilchus the Moneylender is the favored god of traders and merchants.
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    Rumors of a case of Vampiracy spread throughout taverns. Officials of the Crown deny as unfounded.
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